2S1 Gvozdika

To find Tank Experience Day details search the web for a Day in a Tank where you are able to drive the Gvozdika. The Russian made Gvozdika is a beast. This is the way most people have described this 70′s soviet Tank. With it’s 122 mm cannon, the Gvozdika is classified as a self propelled howitzer. This means that the tank is designed to assist in indirect fire or bombardment. The idea of mechanized warfare fell out of fashion after the second world war. However, the Day came when mobile artillery that did not need to be mounted to another vehicle came into the world stage again.

The Gvozdika which stands for carnation (soviet military tended to name their tanks after flowers) was a mix of a howitzer and a regular armored vehicle. However the howitzer had to be modified due with smoke extractor for safety. Before being mounted on the Gvozdika, the howitzer was a standard regimental 122 mm D30. Back in the Day the 2S1 was very advanced.

This Tank has some very interesting details in its construction. First off it is equipped with seven road wheels on each side. Its interchangeable tracks can be of different widths to match the terrain. From snow to the desert this feature makes it a very versatile cannon on wheels. The Tank is powered by a YaMZ-238N diesel engine that provides the Tank with 300 horse power! This is enough to propel the carnation to speeds up to 18 miles per hour off road and 37 miles per hour on the road.

One of the most amazing features of the 2S1 is that it is fully amphibious. It can go on water with only a few details changed from its original configuration. It’s 300 horse power engine can make the tank go up to 2.5 miles per hour or 8.2 knots. In order to make it an amphibian vessel the designers had to make it longer, so if you check out the front mounted engine and transmission, there is a lot of empty space. This is so the Tank will displace enough water to make itself buoyant.

The Tank has a four man crew, one Commander that is in charge of the vehicle, one loader that has a supply of up to 40 rounds at hand, and a Gunner that finds the targets. The pilot is located to the front and right of the turret. The driver is independent to the crew that ride on the back inside the turret that can swing 360 degrees.

Unlike other tanks the 2S1 has a manual transmission that the pilot can operate from a lever at the cockpit. The pilot steers the tank with the aid of 3 pedals, your standard accelerator, clutch and brake pedals and two directional leavers.

The Tank can carry a variety of munitions including traditional high explosive, traditional high explosive assisted munition (which will increase the effective range of the rounds), Armor piercing high explosive, and the lethal chemical munitions. It was produced massively and it was exported to a myriad of countries including Poland, Romania, Iran, Bulgaria and the Sudan.

Some Valuable Tips To Make You Eligible For The Permit Test

The people, who want to sit for the permit test, should follow some tips to do better. It is very hard to do well in something without following certain guidelines. Productive guidelines would help you to make your preparation process more meaningful. If you proceed without following any guidelines, you would eventually lose focus on the preparation as you would not be able to make any calculative moves. To let you know some of the necessary guidelines, a list of very important tips can be found in the site, http://www.californiapermittest.com/ – permit practice test ca.

1. The first tip is you need to practice a lot. The site can provide you with enough questions necessary to allow you to judge your own preparation. You can solve as many questions as you can which would be provided in sets. Each set of questions would carry ten questions and you need to answer all to get access to the next set of questions. So, keep on practicing to be prepared enough.

2. The second tip is that you have to be very serious about the test. If you are not serious, then you would not be much interested to give much effort. Then at the end of the day, you would not be able to achieve a good result. On the other hand, if you are serious about the test, you will be very thrilled to take the preparation. It would help maintaining your focus to do well in the exam.

3. The third tip is to note down things you find while taking preparation which you expect to face in the exam. You should separate them from the other questions and give extra effort to find their answers. It would be good for you if you prepare the answers in your own words. This would make the act of remembering those questions’ answers easier.

4. The fourth tip is to fix a date when you will sit for the exam. This act would help you to focus more on the exam. You would follow a tight routine, as you would be thinking about the set time. You would think more like a candidate this way and you would take the exam seriously.

5. The fifth tip is to try to make one of your friends or family members involved in the exam. Try to sit for the exam with somebody. This way, you would be able to do group study and thus helping you to understand things in a better way. You might skip something while studying alone, which would be reminded by the person with whom you will sit for the exam.

There are also lots of valuable tips that can be found in the website which would tell you more about driving. There are information on how to drive safely and ways to save money while driving. The site can be taken as a versatile one which would give you an overall idea about driving. So, visit this site, go through all the tips, and make yourself eligible to sit for the exam.

Discover Ways to Drive Your Dream Car

There are plenty of people who love sports cars. And, really, what’s not to love? They are sleek and elegant. They are designed with speed and style as their top priority. They are meant to be an indulgent purchase for the driver, as opposed to a tool for transportation.

Popular sports car brands include Ferraris, Porsches, Maseratis and Aston Martins. These vehicles are expertly crafted to appeal to car enthusiasts around the world. They have brands built on the concept of luxury and comfort. Their brand recognition has an extensive reach, to the point that even the image of one of these cars confers ideas of wealth and luxury.

If you are one of the millions of people who dreams of driving one of these beautiful cars, you are not alone. But you may be hesitant due to concerns of costs or practicality. If you are worried about costs it is understandable. These cars come with price tags that can be shocking. Many extend into the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Clearly this is not financially feasible for the average person. In addition, a sports car may not be practical for you if you have children or need to carry things in your vehicle. Unless the sports car is an extra car that you keep in the garage and only drive for fun, it won’t be very useful for everyday activities.

Some brands have addressed the practicality issue by expanding the range of their car models. For example, Maserati offers two different choices for four-door sedans. This is the first time in the brand’s history that two options for a sedan are available at the same time. A sedan could combine the best of both worlds by offering the luxury and style of a Maserati with the everyday convenience of a sedan.

If the price is causing you pause in the purchase of a sports car you might consider a lease. Leases can offer a little bit more financial freedom. Although the money you spend does not contribute to eventual ownership, the overall cost can be much less. Leases typically run from 1-3 years. The total of the monthly payments on a typical lease will be less than the cost of the car as a whole.

This can be particularly good for sports cars. Sports car brands are built on the concept of luxury and enjoyment. Why not use a lease to let you enjoy the car without taking a debt for its full price? Brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati and Aston Martin all offer leases. If this sounds like an option that interests you, you can check with a local dealership and they can fill you in on the details of a lease agreement. In addition, there is a wealth of online resources such as http://www.foreigncarscharlotte.com/custom/maserati-lease that can help to answer your questions. It is a good idea to review all of your options before you proceed with the purchase or lease of a car. This way you can ensure you find the deal that is the best for your own situation.


Tips For Test Driving A Used Car

Before buying a car, it is crucial to have it checked and inspected. These steps are especially crucial when buying a used car.

Finding a Car Dealer that Allows Test Driving

For those who are interested in purchasing used cars, the first step is to find Calgary car dealers that sells high-quality used cars.

One of the best ways to check if the car is working properly is to drive it yourself. Therefore, the buyer should find Calgary car dealers that allow for test drives. Some car dealers may even allow the buyer to test drive the car for a long time or to even take it overnight.

In order to make the most out of the opportunity to get a feel of the car, here are some test driving tips.

Getting In and Out of the Car

Before even starting the test drive, the buyer can already check if he or she can easily get in or out of the car.

Adjusting the Seats

The buyer should check if the seats are in the right position, and if the seat adjustments are working properly. Aside from the driver’s seat, the buyer should also check if the steering wheel can be adjusted.

The other seats should be inspected in order to see if they can be adjusted easily. The space should also be checked in order to determine whether travel bags, shopping bags, push chairs and other travel necessities can fit easily.

Taking Other People Along

If the buyer has a family, he or she should consider bringing the children along for the test drive in order to see if they will be comfortable in the back. If the buyer uses child seats, this is a good opportunity to bring it along and see if they fit properly. The buyer may also bring along a friend.

Feeling the Engine

Before the test drive, the engine should still be cold. If the dealer has already warmed it up, then he or she may be hiding a problem. The buyer should pay attention to the engine for any signs of noise and smoke while driving. Also, the buyer should pay attention to the suspension for sudden noises or unusual rattles.

The buyer should note if all the gears can be engaged smoothly or not. If the clutch does not engage until the pedal has reached the top, then it may have to be changed. Also, the steering wheel should be responsive and should have no vibrating motions.

Taking the Time to Try Every Type of Road

It is important for the buyer to take his or her time on a test drive. The buyer should try to drive the car for at least half an hour for each kind of road—a busy road in the city, a freeway or a narrow street in the neighborhood. The buyer should think of all the kinds of roads he or she would spend time driving on every day.